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Hello, LEDSC Members and Advisors! This year is off to a great start. We have met several times and are already planning many events for this school year. Many newer schools have been more consistent in our meetings, making this year stand out tremendously. 


 We welcome anybody to join our monthly meetings, especially those who would like to be on next yearś executive board. Also, a reminder that if you do plan to run for a position, you must attend two meetings to be eligible to run. We are so excited for the remainder of this year and hope to improve our district and our schools. 


As LEDSC, we focus on growth, leadership, and giving back to our community. We are one of the most active districts in all of Illinois. If you are not yet a part of LEDSC, please feel free to reach out to any members of the executive board, or an Adviser-at-Large, Mrs. Marty Cameron or Dr. Jamey VanZandt. If you are already a member of LEDSC, we hope you become more involved and see you at our annual Spring Convention! 


Yours in Service,

Angeline Narag

LEDSC President

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