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Dear Non-member Schools,

This year, our Executive Board set a goal to increase membership in our district, and we think your council would benefit from the opportunities our district has to offer. Thus, we would like to give you an opportunity to learn more about our district and how you can become a member school and take part in all of our fun, engaging activities.


Our district, being one of thirteen in the state, is composed of several high schools across Southern Illinois (reference grey portion of image attached in bottom right corner). We currently have over 15 member schools from across the district, being the second largest in the state. However, we would like to expand our opportunities and resources to ensure everyone has the chance to get involved.


To be a member school, you must fill out the membership form (attached) and pay a membership fee of $75. This fee covers membership for both the district and state. After both items are submitted, you will have the opportunity to attend state-wide events, such as the annual state convention, where councils come and gain important leadership skills, while meeting fellow student leaders from across the entire state. You will also have the opportunity to attend other leadership-based workshops held frequently throughout the year, which will continue to allow your council to grow and become stronger. 


As a member of our district, you will have the opportunity to attend our Fall Workshop, District Convention, and participate in several service-based projects and events, such as our Student Exchange Day, where council members have the opportunity to host/exchange with another student council member from another school. This experience, along with many others, have proven to be valuable and insightful to all members involved. 


If interested, I would be happy to help assist you in your endeavors to become more involved. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at I hope you will consider joining the Little Egypt District as an active member school. 

Thank you,

Angeline Narag,

LEDSC President

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